E46 series BMW 3

since 1998 of release

Repair and car operation

E46 series BMW 3
+ BMW 3 Cars (E46)
+ Current leaving and service
+ Engine
+ Systems of cooling, heating
+ Power supply systems, injection and release
+ engine Electric equipment
+ RKPP and transmission line
+ Automatic transmission
+ Coupling and power shafts
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
- Body
   General information and security measures
   + Leaving and repair of damages of a body
   - External elements of a body
      Removal and installation of a front bumper
      Removal and installation/check of shock-absorbers of a bumper
      Removal and installation of a rear bumper
      Removal and installation of the back shock-absorber
      Removal and installation of a cover of a fairing
      Removal and installation of a forward wing
      Removal and cowl installation
      Cowl adjustment
      Removal and trunk lid installation
      Trunk lid adjustment
      Removal and installation of the lock/cylinder of the lock of a trunk lid
      Removal and installation of a gas-filled emphasis of a cowl/trunk lid
      Replacement of moldings and model emblem
      Removal, installation and door adjustment
      Removal and installation of facing of a door
      Removal and installation of the lock of a door
      Removal and installation of the cylinder of the lock
      Removal and installation of the external handle of a door
      Removal, installation and window adjustment
      Removal and installation of an electric window regulator
      Removal and installation of the electric motor of a window regulator
      Removal and installation of a mirror of an external look / sound signal of a high-pitch tone
      Removal and installation of glass of a mirror
      Removal and installation of the case of a mirror of an exterior
   + Internal elements of a body
+ Onboard electric equipment
+ electric equipment Schemes


Removal and installation of facing of a door

Here removal of facing of a forward door is described. Process of removal of facing of a back door is similar. Differences are described at the end of the Section.


1 Disconnect a negative cable (-) the storage battery at the switched-off ignition. The battery is in a luggage compartment behind a cover on the right side. At BMW 316i, 318i cars the battery settles down in an impellent compartment.

As a result of shutdown of the storage battery data from memory of malfunctions of some monitors are erased. If necessary before shutdown of the battery it is necessary to consider these memories of malfunctions. Address to the Section Diagnostics of malfunctions. Work it is desirable to lead HUNDRED in conditions.

2 Isolate a negative pole on storage batteries to exclude casual contact to it.

3 Remove upward by means of two small screw-drivers the switch of a mirror-1-. Thus screw-drivers are put in the points shown on an illustration by shooters. Rasstykuyte two shtekerny connections also remove the mirror switch.

4 Remove fingers a peak-1-from a door from the back face party. Thus start to remove from a back end face. The peak is fixed by four clips.

5 Turn out screws (1/2/3) Torx T20 screw-driver.

The screw-1-is longer than others. Shooters - support for the top peak.

6 Wring out facing from a door and disconnect in points-1-. For an otzhatiya use a plastic wedge, for example, HAZET 1965-20.

7 Delay facing above from a door and disconnect in points-2-of brackets, since the party of loops.
8 Lift door facing via the lock button.

9 Disconnect a cable of an internal drive of a door. For this purpose open the lever of an internal drive of a door. In this situation disconnect a white plastic clip - 1-and remove a cable-2-back from the driving lever.

10 From a reverse side of facing расстыкуйте the loudspeaker socket. Disconnect two fastenings of a cable and stretch electric wires.
11 Remove door facing.

12 Check clips of facing of a door, if necessary replace.

Before safety cushion removal surely familiarize with safety rules for the pillow relation, address to the Section Steering with the hydraulic booster (servoupravleniye).

13 Unscrew three bolts of fastening-3-lateral safety cushions-1-. From a reverse side расстыкуйте the socket of yellow color also remove a safety cushion.

Bolts of fastening are covered with means for fixing of carving connections and it is necessary to replace them.

14 Disconnect on a contour a cover-1-from a door. For this purpose pull it a few fingers, then a plastic wedge wring out the glutinous roller on a door.

Especially carefully act in the lower and forward part - And-. It is necessary to replace the damaged cover of a door.


15 Carefully paste a cover on door cut. Thus watch that it coincided with openings.

Watch to damaging a door cover, otherwise in the car there will be a draft. The glutinous weight should be put on a contour. If necessary it is necessary to restore glutinous consolidation by means of a butyl cord of BMW.

16 Check, whether the negative cable (-) the storage battery is disconnected. If is not present, disconnect it at the switched-off ignition.
17 Establish into place a lateral safety cushion. For this purpose join the socket of yellow color from a reverse side and fix it so that distinct click was audible. Check reliability of fixing of shtekerny connection. Fix a lateral safety cushion three new screws the moment of 8.5 N • m.

18 Check reliability of fastening of clips of-1-facings of a door, if necessary replace. 2–support of the top brackets.

19 Stretch from a reverse side of facing electric wires. Fix cables and join the loudspeaker socket. If necessary fix the tip of a drive of a mirror a sticky tape in cut of facing of a door.
20 Connect a cable of an internal drive of a door in the lever. Thus a clip insert in front, press behind and fix a hook.
21 Raise door facing over the fixing button.
22 Establish facing from above at brackets and press. If necessary slam a palm.
23 Expose facing over openings of plastic clips and carefully slam palms.

24 Fix screws (1/2/3) door facing. Thus watch that longer screw was screwed in a point-1-.

25 Insert the top peak with four clips into basic elements and press. If necessary carefully slam palms.
26 Join the socket of the switch of a mirror and press the switch into an opening of facing of a door.

During connection of the storage battery in the car there should not be people

27 Attach a negative cable (-) the storage battery at the switched-off ignition. Establish hours.

Differences for facing of a back door

Cars with an electric window regulator:

28 Remove up the window regulator switch at the switch.

Cars without an electric window regulator:

29 Remove a peak instead of the window regulator switch by means of two small screw-drivers.

30 Remove the window regulator handle. For this purpose:

- Remove a screw-driver a peak (the shooter on an illustration).
- Turn out the screw which was under it.
- Remove the window regulator handle from an axis together with a washer.