E46 series BMW 3

since 1998 of release

Repair and car operation

E46 series BMW 3
+ BMW 3 Cars (E46)
+ Current leaving and service
+ Engine
+ Systems of cooling, heating
+ Power supply systems, injection and release
+ engine Electric equipment
+ RKPP and transmission line
+ Automatic transmission
+ Coupling and power shafts
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
- Body
   General information and security measures
   + Leaving and repair of damages of a body
   - External elements of a body
      Removal and installation of a front bumper
      Removal and installation/check of shock-absorbers of a bumper
      Removal and installation of a rear bumper
      Removal and installation of the back shock-absorber
      Removal and installation of a cover of a fairing
      Removal and installation of a forward wing
      Removal and cowl installation
      Cowl adjustment
      Removal and trunk lid installation
      Trunk lid adjustment
      Removal and installation of the lock/cylinder of the lock of a trunk lid
      Removal and installation of a gas-filled emphasis of a cowl/trunk lid
      Replacement of moldings and model emblem
      Removal, installation and door adjustment
      Removal and installation of facing of a door
      Removal and installation of the lock of a door
      Removal and installation of the cylinder of the lock
      Removal and installation of the external handle of a door
      Removal, installation and window adjustment
      Removal and installation of an electric window regulator
      Removal and installation of the electric motor of a window regulator
      Removal and installation of a mirror of an external look / sound signal of a high-pitch tone
      Removal and installation of glass of a mirror
      Removal and installation of the case of a mirror of an exterior
   + Internal elements of a body
+ Onboard electric equipment
+ electric equipment Schemes


Removal and trunk lid installation

Trunk lid, loops and gas-filled shock-absorber

1 — a trunk lid
2 — sealing laying
3 — a loop
4 — an emphasis
5 — a rubber cover
6 — a gas-filled emphasis
7 — an emphasis
8 — an emphasis
9 — the handle with laying
10 — a light disk
For a lamp of illumination of registration plate
11 — a key with the microswitch
12 — a press plate
13 — a cover of the cylinder of the lock

14 — connecting draft
15 — a nut
16 — the lock
17 — a lock bracket
18 — laying of the cylinder of the lock
19 — the lock cylinder
20 — a film
21 — a nut
22 — the holder of registration plate
23 — a remote washer
24 — felt
25 — a washer
26 — саморез
27 — a cover


1 Disconnect trunk lid facing, address to the Section Removal and installation of facing of a trunk lid.
2 Extend a cable plait from a trunk lid. For this purpose расстыкуйте shtekerny connections of illumination of registration plate and uniform lock. Fix a cord on tips and extend a plait.

The cord remains in a trunk lid and serves for simplification of installation of cables.

3 Mark the provision of a trunk lid at loops. For this purpose lead round a loop level a felt-tip pen.

4 Prop up reliably a trunk lid and ask it to take the assistant.
5 Weaken screws at the left and on the right-2-, turn out the screw-3-, 4 – an emphasis.


7 Put into place a trunk lid by means of the assistant. Screw the screw-2-without tightening it.
8 Expose a trunk lid according to the put markings and fix.
9 If the cover was replaced, adjust it.
10 Enter electric wires of a lamp of illumination of registration plate and the uniform lock by means of a cord into a trunk lid and join them.
11 Fix the facing, the damaged clips replace.