E46 series BMW 3

since 1998 of release

Repair and car operation

E46 series BMW 3
+ BMW 3 Cars (E46)
- Current leaving and service
   Current leaving
   General information on control
   Check of levels of liquids
   Check of a condition of tires and pressure in them. Designation of tires and disks of wheels
   Replacement of impellent oil and oil filter
   Replacement of a filtering element of the air filter
   Checks of brake system
   Replacement of an element of the filter of air of salon
   Check of a condition of driving ridge belts
   Check of a condition and replacement of hoses of an impellent compartment
   Check of functioning of system of cooling and frost resistance of cooling liquid
   Check of a condition of system of production of the fulfilled gases
   Check of level of oil in a manual box of gear shifting
   Check of a condition of components of a suspension bracket and steering
   Check of a condition of protective covers of power shafts
   Check of level of liquid of system of hydrostrengthening of a wheel
   Visual check of a body and its bottom
   Check of seat belts
   Rotation and replacement of wheels
   Condition check, replacement of brushes and adjustment of a corner of screen wipers
   Check of a condition of the battery, care of it and charging
   Replacement of brake liquid
   Check and replacement of spark plugs
   Check of fuel system, replacement of the fuel filter. Operation of diesel model in the conditions of winter
   Greasing of loops and locks of doors
   Replacement of a battery of a key of remote control
+ Engine
+ Systems of cooling, heating
+ Power supply systems, injection and release
+ engine Electric equipment
+ RKPP and transmission line
+ Automatic transmission
+ Coupling and power shafts
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment
+ electric equipment Schemes


Check and replacement of spark plugs

Tools necessary at replacement of spark plugs

1 — the Candle head - Is equipped with the special elastic loose leaf excluding possibility of casual damage of a porcelain insulator at a reversing of a candle.
2 — the Dinamometrichesky key - without entering into number of obligatory tools, provides a reliable guarantee of correctness of effort of a tightening of spark plugs.
3 — the Ratchet drive - Is applied in a set with a candle head and a dinamometrichesky key.

4 — the Extension piece - Depending on model and a complete set access to spark plugs can be limited by its auxiliary units in various degree therefore use of extension pieces of the corresponding form and a design will allow to facilitate procedure performance considerably.
5 — the Adaptation for measurement and correction of interelectrode gaps of spark plugs - Is issued some this sort of types of tools - make sure that the tool is completed shchupy, to gaps of candles of your car corresponding on the size.

1 Before the beginning of work prepare all necessary tools which include a replaceable head of a candle key and a set of edges щупа. Some producers of spark plugs deliver special tools for measurement of a candle gap.
2 Best way of replacement of spark plugs is preliminary purchase of new candles, adjustment of their gap and replacement of each candle in turn. Upon purchase of candles it is very important to choose those candles which are intended for the engine of your car. Information on them can be received in Specifications.
3 Having near at hand new candles, let's to the engine cool down completely before the beginning of removal of the old. During this time it is possible to examine new candles on existence in them of defects and to check candle gaps.

4 Candle gap is checked by insertion of a measuring instrument of the necessary thickness between electrodes on the candle end. The gap should correspond specified in Specifications. The delay should concern each of electrodes only. If the gap does not correspond to norm, slightly turn in the bent part of an electrode by means of a regulator with notches before achievement of necessary size of a gap.

At adjustment of a gap of a new candle turn in only the basis of an electrode of weight, without touching its end. If the electrode of weight is displaced rather central electrode, by means of a regulator with notches level them. Check a porcelain insulator on existence of the cracks indicating those, it is necessary to replace a candle.

Replacement of candles should be made only on cold or slightly warm engine. If candles are turned out on the hot engine, the carving in openings of a head of the cylinders executed from light metal can be damaged.

5 Switch off ignition.
6 Engines 316i, 318i: Rasstykuyte I will corrode candles in the vertical direction. Thus it is necessary to pull up for a cable, instead of for the tip.

Engines 320i, 323i, 328i

7 Remove an element of the air filter of ventilation of salon of system of heating and the conditioner, address to the Section Replacement of an element of the filter of air of salon.

8 Disconnect the cable channel at the lower part of the case of the filter-2-, having opened clips and take out a cable.

9 Turn out screws-1-a screw-driver of Torx T30 and remove the lower part of an airmodular box-2-.
10 Remove an opening stopper for an oil flood.

11 Hook a screw-driver and remove covers of bolts of fastening (an arrow on an accompanying illustration), turn out two bolts being under them.

12 Rasstykuytes I will corrode each coil of ignition for what pull up for tips.

13 Unscrew fastening bolts at each coil of ignition, carefully take out coils.

Pay attention to tapes of grounding of a cover of a head of cylinders at coils of cylinders 1 and 6. At installation they should be again fixed on the former places.

14 If it is possible, blow the compressed air of a niche of spark plugs that dirt did not get to openings of cylinders.
15 Turn out candles the corresponding candle key. Thus watch that the key did not warp as it can lead to damage of a ceramic insulator.


16 Check a condition of spark plugs. Compare the taken-out candle with shown in pictures in the Section of System of a charge and start, it will give you useful information about the general condition of the engine. The greasy candle indicates interruptions in its work or bad consolidation of piston rings. To check existence of mechanical defect of a candle it is possible with the help компрессометра, address to appropriate section.


17 Screw spark plugs by hand by means of a candle key to a prileganiye to a head of cylinders. Attention: Watch to warping a candle.
18 Tighten candles the moment of 25 N • m.

Thus do not warp a key not to damage a ceramic insulator.

If available there is no dinamometrichesky key, tighten new spark plugs on a corner 90 ° (1/4 turns). The candles which were in the use should be tightened only on a corner 15 °.

19 Engines 316i, 318i: Put on the tip each candle. The tip should be fixed distinctly. Do not confuse tips, they are numbered, and the first cylinder is in front in the movement direction.

Engines 320i, 323i, 328i

20 Put on ignition coils candles and fix them. Fix tips on coils brackets. Fix grounding tapes on coils of ignition of cylinders 1 and 6.

21 Fix the tire of weight-3-connecting plates of coils to a forward bolt of the coil of ignition. The tire of weight-1-cable mines should be connected by bolts to a connecting plate of-2-spark plugs.

22 Fix bolts an engine cover.
23 Screw a cover of a mouth of a flood of oil.
24 Fix the lower part of an airmodular box.
25 Lay a cable to the cable canal at the lower part of an airmodular box. Close the cable channel.
26 Establish into place an element of the filter of air of system of heating and the conditioner, address to the Section Replacement of an element of the filter of air of salon.

Restoration of a carving of spark plugs

In the presence of carving damages under spark plugs it is necessary for restoring. For this purpose there is the corresponding tool and a repair kit, for example, BERU firms. The special drill drills an old carving for what to remove a head of cylinders it is not necessary. Then in a head the new carving is cut and the candle with a special carving insert is rolled. The insert sits reliably and tightly.