E46 series BMW 3

since 1998 of release

Repair and car operation

E46 series BMW 3
+ BMW 3 Cars (E46)
+ Current leaving and service
+ Engine
- Systems of cooling, heating
   - System of cooling of the engine
      Replacement of cooling liquid
      Thermoswitch check
      Check of system of cooling under pressure
      Connection and separation of the quick disconnect coupling
      Removal and thermostat installation
      Removal and installation of a fan / casing of the fan
      Removal and fan installation with the vyazkostny coupling
      Removal and radiator installation
      Removal and installation of the pump of cooling liquid
   + Heater and conditioner of air of salon
+ Power supply systems, injection and release
+ engine Electric equipment
+ RKPP and transmission line
+ Automatic transmission
+ Coupling and power shafts
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment
+ electric equipment Schemes


Removal and installation of a fan / casing of the fan


1 Remove directing soaked-up air for what remove a small screw-driver a clip (arrows on an illustration).


2 Remove soaking-up pipeline at the AGR valve (system of a retsirkulyatsiya of the fulfilled gases) for what open a collar, address to the Section Removal and installation of the inlet pipeline.

3 Diesel engine has a radiator jalousie with a pneumodrive, located behind the fan. Disconnect a vacuum hose-1-from a vacuum box. Remove draft of a drive from a jalousie for what remove sideways a clamp-2-.

4 Take out a small screw-driver a rivet-3-.
5 Models 320i, 323i, 328i with the conditioner: Remove the fan with the vyazkostny coupling, address to the Section Removal and fan installation with the vyazkostny coupling.

6 Rasstykuytes to the right of a radiator I will corrode - 1-electrofans.

7 Turn out the screw-2-.

8 Take out a rivet in a point-1-at the left. The rivet on an illustration is not shown.

9 Slightly press back on a fan casing in the center from above and disconnect directing level. Take out together a casing of the fan and a krylchatka up.

10 Models 320d: Unscrew the screw of fastening-1-and four other screws of fastening of a jalousie of the fan and remove it from a fan casing.

11 if necessary unscrew three screws of fastening of a casing of the fan and remove the electric motor.


12 Fix the fan electric motor on a casing three screws.
13 Models 320d: Fix screws of a jalousie of the fan on a casing.
14 Insert a fan casing from above so that both bottom levels of fastening entered into eyes on the fan.

15 Fix a fan casing a rivet at the left on a radiator. The damaged clips replace.

16 Screw the screw-2-on the right at a radiator.

17 Join the socket of the electrofan and fix it.

18 Models 320d: Connect a vacuum hose-1-to a vacuum box. Connect draft of a drive to the lever of a jalousie of a radiator and fix a clamp - 2-. Insert a rivet-3-.

19 Models 320d: Connect soaking-up hose to the AGR valve and fix a collar.
20 Insert directing soaked-up air, insert a rivet and fix pins.