E46 series BMW 3

since 1998 of release

Repair and car operation

E46 series BMW 3
+ BMW 3 Cars (E46)
+ Current leaving and service
+ Engine
+ Systems of cooling, heating
+ Power supply systems, injection and release
+ engine Electric equipment
+ RKPP and transmission line
+ Automatic transmission
- Coupling and power shafts
   - Coupling
      Removal and coupling installation
      Removal and installation of the bearing of switching off of coupling
      Air removal from a coupling drive
      Removal and installation of the working cylinder of coupling
   + Power shafts
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment
+ electric equipment Schemes


Air removal from a coupling drive

It is necessary to remove air from a hydraulic drive of coupling, if the pedal of coupling does not come back back or comes back with delay, coupling is badly separated and if the hydrosystem of coupling was opened.

As the hydrosystem of coupling works at brake liquid, it is necessary to get acquainted with the corresponding instructions provided in Head Removal of air from brake system.

Brake liquid is poisonous. At all do not suck away brake liquid a mouth or through a hose. Store liquid in capacity casual access to which is excluded.

At air removal without use of the special device described here, in system there can be an air quantity. A sign of it is noise and the correct separation of coupling. In this case it is necessary to remove urgently air from system on HUNDRED with use of the special device.


1 Remove the bottom cover of an impellent compartment, address to the Section Removal and installation of the bottom cover of an impellent compartment.
2 Check brake liquid in the tank, if necessary add to Max mark, address to the Section Check of levels of liquids.

3 Remove a dustproof cap from the union for air removal (the shooter on an illustration) on the working hydrocylinder. Put on the union a transparent hose.

4 Carefully check an union course. To opening apply a cap key not to damage a shestigrannik of the union.
5 Ship the free end of a hose in capacity with brake liquid to exclude hit in air system.
6 Ask the assistant to press about 10 times a pedal of coupling and to leave it pressed.
7 In this situation open the union-3-, liquid thus will start to follow. If following liquid does not contain any more air vials, close the union.

Watch that level of brake liquid in the tank essentially did not decrease. For this purpose add liquid.

8 Release a pedal of coupling and again press it 10 times. Keep it in the pressed situation and open the union for air removal. Repeat this process so many time, how many it is necessary in order that following liquid did not contain air vials. Thus constantly add liquid in the tank.
9 Close the union on the working hydrocylinder. Remove a hose and close the union a cap.
10 Establish the bottom cover of an impellent compartment, address to the Section Removal and installation of the bottom cover of an impellent compartment.
11 Fill system with brake liquid to Max mark.
12 Check work of brake system and coupling.

Air removal with use of the device

On HUNDRED air from a drive of coupling is removed, as a rule, with use of the special device. The device creates pressure upon brake liquid.

Pressure should not exceed the 2nd bar.

13 Attach the device to the tank according to the description of his manufacturer.
14 Remove the working cylinder from RKPP, address to appropriate section.

Hydraulic hose do not disconnect, otherwise it is necessary to delete air from system.

At the removed coupling it is impossible to press a coupling pedal.

15 Put on a hose the union of removal of air of the working cylinder. The free end of a hose lower in capacity with brake liquid.

16 Hold the working cylinder of coupling so that the union was turned up.

17 Open the union and let out liquid until emergence of air vials will stop.

Not to squeeze out a rod with the piston from the hydrocylinder, HUNDRED the adaptation with a carving, which means applies a rod is fixed or moved and put forward. If such adaptation available is not present, the rod is necessary for holding a hand. In this case the device for removal of air can create only insignificant pressure and should be served by the assistant.

18 Slowly let out a rod-1-on small distance and press again against the stop into the working cylinder. Repeat this process until to stop emergence of vials. After that close the union.
19 Establish into place the working cylinder of a drive of coupling, address to appropriate section.
20 Remove the device for air removal.
21 Fill the tank with brake liquid to Max mark. Screw a stopper on the tank.